The Night Womp
Bright Moonlight.
Bring some friends,
Hoot and holler!
Three cheers for the Ocean.

Night Crew.

Night Crew.

Calm wind. Sheet glass conditions.
High tide pulls clean waves along the shore.
Sure, you can think about the creatures.
But its ok, nothing is out to get you.

Run and dive in.
Let senses explode!
Waves feels faster,
Even a few feet bigger.
Slight chill.
Nowhere is darker than under a wave at night.
The stark quiet of water and sand.

Moonlit tubes.
Psychedelic wonder.
Out of the darkness; glistening, moving water.
The inside of the barrel,
Glowing in LunaLight.


Rider: @nolanomura Photo: bautista_jeff

Rider: @nolanomura Photo: @bautista_jeff











Bodysurfing yarns woven 'tween crest & trough

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